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RS3 Sportback 8V MQB - Pre Facelift

Year: 2015 to 2017

Cat-back Resonated with Polished Oval Trims -- EC Approved


Consists of...

  • MSAU677: Front Silencer Assembly
  • MSAU678: Rear Silencer featuring HollowTek Technology

{Re-uses Electronic Valves from OE System}

  • MSTIP146: LH Polished Tip
  • MSTIP147: RH Polished Tip



  • Tail Pipe Diameter: 150 X 95mm Polished Oval x2
  • Pipe Diameter: 3.00" (76.20mm)
  • EC Approved: Yes (Resonated Only)
  • Race System: No
  • ValveSonic: No

MILLTEK RS3 Sportback 8V MQB - Pre Facelift (Cat-back with Polished Oval Trims)

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