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High-tech sounds. The Titan exhaust system guarantees an unmistakeable, uncompromisingly sharp motorsport sound. The driver can choose from three different modes using the motorsport button: The Sport and Sport+ modes create an impressive, forceful sound, while the Efficient mode provides a sporty intensity still suitable for everyday driving. The optimised exhaust system enhances the classic sound of the 6-cylinder bi-turbo engine, creating an even more dynamic driving experience. The silencer is made of motorsport-ready titanium. A unique visual highlight for the exhaust system: the sophisticated tailpipe trim, available in titanium or carbon fibre. Featuring the BMW M logo.


Benefits of the BMW M Performance titanium exhaust system at a glance:

  • technologically advanced perforated inner pipes
  • 32 percent lighter than the standard version
  • fits precisely thanks to CAD and FED technology
  • The silencer system comprises a high-quality material mix, in which the pre-pipes are made from lightweight stainless steel and the rear silencer is made entirely from titanium.


Technical Information:

  • Tested quality: the design, material and safety comply with the usual high BMW standards. The entire silencer system is Made in Germany. The Original BMW M Performance exhaust system has been developed and tested in its entirety at BMW in collaboration with the various technical departments and BMW M-GmbH.
  • The Motordynamic button allows the selection of multiple modes, which influence the exhaust system's performance:
  • Sport and Sport+ Mode: Maximum emotional sound, very sporty, very loud, maximum performance.
  • Efficient Mode: Sporty sound, significantly sportier and more emotional than the standard system, but with residual comfort for uncompromising everyday use.
  • The optimised exhaust gas conduction system amplifies the characteristic 6-cylinder bi-turbo sound and accentuates the sporty driving feel.
  • All legal requirements are met. No additional approvals or entries in the vehicle's paperwork are required.

BMW M Performance exhaust system, titanium

SKU: 18302349921
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