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From the factory the BMW DCT transmission comes with inferior pan gasket seals. Both pan gasket seals overtime leak and make a mess on the underneath of the vehicle.
The only repair form BMW is to replace the factory gasket with another inferior factory gasket. We have sent the factory gaskets to be analyzed by an independent company. We found that the rubber used from the factory is rated to 220-230 F and has a very low resistance to chemicals.

We stepped up and have made molds from the factory gaskets. The gaskets now are made from high temp. Viton rubber. Viton is chemical resistant and will withstand temperatures of -70 F to 450 F, which makes them superior to the factory gaskets. We have also replaced the factory aluminum stretch bolts with hardened stainless bolts which can be reused. This package is used to put an end to leaking pan gaskets.

Replacement of factory transmission pan gasket and hardware
Replacement of factory transmission pan access cover gasket

BMW DCT Viton Transmission Pan Gasket Package

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