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Wheel Powder Coating

Description: -

Alloy wheel powder coating is a decorative finish for alloy wheels. It's sprayed on like traditional paint, but it settles on the surface dry rather than liquid. It’s not until the coating is heated treated that the paint “flows out” of the coating and forms a gel over the surface of the wheel.

The Process: -

  1. Sandblast to remove and loosen tougher particles

  2. Manually sand the wheel to get rid of the trickiest grime

  3. Go over the wheel again with a cleaner / degreaser and a brush

  4. Heat the rim in an industrial oven to release gases that could cause flaws in the final finish

  5. Apply the powder coating to the alloy wheel with a specialist spray gun

  6. Return the rim to the oven until the powder starts to run out to a gel like consistency over the surface of the wheel

  7. Apply lacquer and heat treat to set

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