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  • Cornering Lights - (Front Fog Lights are required)

  • Assorted Lighting Features

  • Day-­Running Lights & Activate Rear Fog - (Rear Fog Lights require a working Rear Fog Light Button)

  • Instrument Cluster - (Contact us for Details)

  • LED Replacement Turn Signal Bulbs - (Recommended bulb: CREE 30W XB-­‐D5 LED)

  • Angel LED Brightness - (Xenon Headlamps or LED Headlamps required)

  • Vehicle Drive train Features - (Contact us for Details)

  • iDrive Features - (Contact us for Details)

  • Heads-­-Up Display - (Requires Head Up Display Hardware)

  • Safety Features & Precautions - (Contact us for Details)

  • BMW Live Enabling - (Not a recommended if your car includes BMW Online/Assist)

  • Seat Heating Temperature - (Cold Weather Package/Heated Front Seats Required)

  • Headlamp Washers - (This will only work if you are equipped with Headlamp Washers, in the Cold Weather Package)

  • Active Spoiler - (F34 3-­Series GT only)  

  • Advanced Real-­Time Traffic Information - (Contact us for Details)

  • Video In Motion & Playback Features - (Video in Motion is NOT available on HU_ENTRY. You must have HU_CIC or HU_NBT *USB Video playback should already be enabled in HU_NBT*)

  • General Locking/ window feature & convenience Features - (Contact us for Details)

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