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Split Rim Rebuild

We can offer a standard painting, powder coating, polishing and diamond cutting service during a split rim alloy wheel refurbishment. Giving you the option to add even more of a bespoke finish for your wheels.

We also offer custom split rim bolts incorporating anodised colours, chrome, gold, various colour-ways and shapes to really enhance the look of your finished alloy wheel. Why not go the whole hog and get the split rim alloy wheels that you’ve always wanted.

All split rim wheels are different and there are lots of different ways in which we would undertake a split rim rebuild/refurbishment, depending on customer requirements. Below is a list of processes we would undertake during an average split rim, re-paint, refurbishment.

All we need now is confirmation that you are happy with our split rim alloy wheel refurbishment and the process is complete, payment is then made by payment is then made by Visa, Cheque or PayPal

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